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What Can Homeowners Do to Prevent a Dishwasher Overflow?

10/13/2020 (Permalink)

Upside down dishwasher When faulty appliances leave your home covered in water, Call the water damage experts at SERVPRO immediately for remediation assistance.

Restoration Technicians at SERVPRO are Available for Riverview Water Damage Repair 24/7.

Dishwashers, washing machines, and other such fixtures that operate with large amounts of water tend to be left to their own devices more often than not. However, this practice can eventually lead to leaks or even disastrous overflows and appliance failures that saturate carpet, floors, and cabinetry in Riverview homes. Worse still, the average cost of remediating damages from a dishwasher failure is around $5,000–a hefty expense for homeowners.

SERVPRO technicians perform water damage repair for Riverview properties 24/7 to ensure that the affected structures and contents return to a preloss condition. This Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC)-accredited firm is committed to extensive training and education resources for technicians, staff, and franchise owners alike to maximize the knowledge and benefits available to homeowners in need of mitigation and restoration services.

A Highly-Trained Team Ensures Consistent Results for Clients

SERVPRO’s commitment to education encompasses the following:

  • Hands-on training and certification for restoration technicians per IICRC benchmarks. Employee certification training covers such topics as fire and water damage mitigation, as well as carpet and upholstery cleaning.
  • A thorough 15-day course at the SERVPRO Corporate Training Center for new franchise owners to learn more about restoration.
  • Additional self-paced e-Learning resources for staff to further hone their knowledge.
  • Credit and noncredit courses for SERVPRO staff as well as real estate and insurance professionals who wish to learn more about structural damages from fire, water, and mold, as well as restoration industry best practices.

How Can Homeowners Inspect Their Dishwasher for Signs of Water Damage?

Dishwasher failures are often caused by such factors as overly sudsy detergents, damaged door gaskets, and compromised water inlet valves, sensors, or float switches. While a sudden overflow can be overwhelming to deal with, parts failures may also indicate leakage that may damage your floors and subflooring. If left unchecked, this moisture can create an environment in which mold can thrive.

If you suspect that there might be water damage underneath your dishwasher, you can take the following steps to examine it:

  • Make sure the unit is off. Remove the kickplate at the bottom of your dishwasher and examine the area underneath it with a flashlight.
  • Take note of wet floors or dripping, which can indicate a damaged supply line.
  • If no damage is found while the unit is off, run a full cycle without the kickplate, and continue observing. If leaks occur while your dishwasher is running, you may need to rule out a variety of factors, such as:
    • Leaky solenoid valves or circulation pumps
    • A damaged internal hose
    • A corroded tub

Certified restoration technicians like the team at SERVPRO not only remove moisture from surfaces, but they can also remediate potential mold growth with EPA-registered fungicides. Should floors or subfloor require repairs, this team’s rebuilding services can provide the fixes necessary to return your flooring to a safe and stable condition.

How Can Homeowners Prevent a Dishwasher Overflow Regularly?

While SERVPRO techs are available day and night to preserve Riverview homes, there are several small ways that homeowners can lower the risk of a dishwasher failure, including:

  • Maintaining a clean drain basket. The drain basket at the bottom of your dishwasher catches debris that might otherwise clog the drain line. When removing the drain basket for cleaning, consider clearing the drain itself with baking soda, vinegar, and hot water to mitigate potential clogs.
  • Keeping the garbage disposal clear of debris. If your dishwasher drains water through the garbage disposal, it is crucial to prevent water from backing up into your sink. Flush out the drain periodically.
  • Inspecting the air gap in the drain line. The air gap, typically mounted by the kitchen sink, is crucial for keeping wastewater from getting sucked back into the dishwasher. Keep this chamber free of obstructions to ensure it functions as intended.

How Efficient is SERVPRO’s Moisture Extraction Process?

SERVPRO technicians are thoroughly trained in water extraction with tools like truck-mounted extraction units, wands, pumps, rover vacuums, and mops. Moisture extraction accelerates the structural drying process by as much as 1,200%, which is crucial in sudden, high-volume water damage situations like a dishwasher overflow.

  • Wand extractors are the tool of choice for preventing moisture migration before moving on to other devices.
  • The extraction process may require multiple passes to prepare a space for structural drying.
  • Most extraction units feature heater, pump, and vacuum systems to address water-damaged upholstery and carpeting. However, for most water damage mitigation purposes, only the vacuum portion is used.

SERVPRO of Brandon / North Riverview can keep your property looking, “Like it never even happened.” Contact your local disaster cleanup team at (813) 741-3473 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

A Heavy Storm Left Homes with Flood Damage in Our Area. Where Can Property Owners in Brandon Seek Help?

10/9/2020 (Permalink)

Living room and Dining Room Flooded A flooded property can be restored to its former glory when action is taken immediately.

SERVPRO Technicians are Qualified to Offer Flood Damage Restoration in Brandon Homes.

Floodwater in your Brandon property can be not only devastating but also deep-rooted. The water can cause structural damage to your property, severe health effects to your family, and odors. Thankfully, SERVPRO’s team of experts can help restore your home to its pre-damaged state.

What happens when floodwater seeps into my walls?
After storm flood damage occurs in Brandon residences, the water can seep behind drywall and beneath the flooring. The wall structure can deteriorate, and mold colonies may form. A musty odor accompanies mold growth. Mold can grow on furniture, carpet, and clothes. However, if you contact us immediately, the flooding occurs, we can help minimize the chances of mold growth and other secondary damages.

How do technicians treat mold growth?
We have a team of technicians with decades of experience and expertise in mold remediation. Our team has access to approved and advanced products that help us remove mold. We can use phenols or formaldehyde products to clean the affected area. These disinfectants destroy 99 percent of microorganisms they come across. Since mold and direct contact of these products can cause severe health effects, our SERVPRO team wears protective gear such as:

    •    Splash goggles and safety glasses
    •    Chemical resistant gloves
    •    Rubber boots
    •    Full-body suit
    •    Respirator

Can electric wiring be flood damaged?
If your electrical wiring is exposed to floodwater, corrosion can occur, and mold colonies can form in the internal components. This often happens to poorly-maintained wiring. If we learn that floodwater seeped into wiring components, we recommend that you hire a reliable electrician to inspect them before switching on the main power supply.

How do you dry wooden floors?
Wooden surfaces can absorb lots of water, and if not dried properly, the moisture can lead to wood rot and warping. Our technicians can determine the severity of water absorption using advanced moisture meters after extracting the excess water. If the wooden floor is not damaged, we can use a portable electric heater to direct heat towards the surface. The equipment has heat exchangers that transfer heat from hot coils to air streams. Heating the surface increases the rate of evaporation. This can speed up the drying process of your wooden floor.

A flooded property can be restored to its former glory when action is taken immediately. Contact SERVPRO of Brandon / North Riverview at (813) 741-3473 for effective restoration services. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster.

What Factors Should Homeowners Consider When Choosing an Expertise Award Recipient?

9/25/2020 (Permalink)

Best Water Restoration Companies in Tampa Seal Are you looking for a water damage restoration company? This seal can give you confidence that you are hiring the best.

SERVPRO has a Sound Commitment to Ensure Every Water Damage Job in Brandon has the Best Outcome 

When Expertise performs their due diligence and review of location Brandon and Tampa area restoration companies, they use several factors to ensure they only award the businesses with a commitment to the highest standards in several categories. The five elements they look for include:  

  • A reputation that includes a history of satisfied customers
  • Credibility with verifiable licensing and accreditations  
  • Experience with years as masters of restoration along with continuing education
  • Responsive to the needs of the community consistently
  • Commitment to Professionalism by servicing local properties with honesty, reliability, and respect 

What Does the Seal of Quality from Expertise Mean When Choosing Among Water Restoration Companies?   

When homeowners need to bring in water restoration companies in Brandon, look for the Expertise Award seal on the SERVPRO website as a mark of confidence that this business adheres to performing the job they get hired for as positive and cost-effective for the homeowner as possible.     

SERVPRO professionals use state of the art equipment. Their technicians engage in continuing education to ensure they are always at the forefront of the water restoration industry's latest advancements. Another critical element that sets SERVPRO apart if the proactive measures taken during water cleanup to limit secondary issues such as mold growth. Through the use of their professional-grade antimicrobial cleaning agents, they can make surfaces unfriendly to spore germination or establishing mold colonies. Be Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned.

SERVPRO of Brandon / North Riverview at (813) 741-3473 serves the local community and received recognition among the best water restoration companies as a recipient of the Expertise Award. The trained and certified technicians bring the latest technology and techniques to your property and make the water loss event, "Like it never even happened."

I Have Mold Damage in My Brandon Apartment Buildings. Which Company Can Help Me in Removing it?

9/20/2020 (Permalink)

a person peeling back wallpaper to reveal layers of mold Mold can grow in hidden places inside your apartment. Contact SERVPRO 24/7 for commercial mold damage remediation and mitigation services.

SERVPRO Can Perform Efficient Commercial Mold Removal in Your Brandon Apartment Complex.

Mold can be an issue at a Brandon apartment complex, mostly if the structures were built many years ago. If the ventilation is not up to par, and there is a lot of humidity and high temperatures, mold can grow in your property. SERVPRO is an experienced mold remediation company, and our crews can help you eliminate mold effectively.

Why should I hire your company?

Our company has certifications from the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) to perform commercial mold removal in affected Brandon apartments. Our team knows how to handle different situations. We can take care of the mold problem so that your tenants can be safe. Our commercial mold removal services include an assessment related to safety and health, an inspection, and technical reports.

Our team can clean any parts of the building that mold has affected. When you hire us, you can rest assured that we can do the job right the first time. We can also clean out HVAC systems and air ducts with professional equipment to enhance air circulation.

What are the consequences of mold damage?

The presence of mold in your apartment complex may cause health effects for existing tenants, leading to expensive lawsuits. It can also cause loss of tenants and a bad reputation. Mold can affect the air quality in the apartments negatively. Having excellent indoor air quality is necessary or your tenants. It is a vital component of good health. Mold damage may also mean that you need to spend more money maintaining the property, which can present a financial problem for you.

What can I expect during the mold remediation process?

SERVPRO offers mold removal services that can get your property back to its normal condition. We make the mold removal and restoration process straightforward. Some of the things we can do include:

  • Assessing the damage.
  • Creating a comprehensive mold removal plan that meets your unique needs.
  • Keeping you informed at every step of the mold removal process to ensure we are always on the same page and provide the best work.
  • Repairing any leak, we identify to correct the moisture issue.
  • Disinfecting and drying out the affected areas.
  • Inspecting the effectiveness of your HVAC system to prevent future mold development.

Our team can take a systematic and methodical approach to carefully identify what is causing the mold growth and help eliminate it from the affected apartment buildings. If we come across porous building materials such as wood and drywall that we cannot sanitize thoroughly and salvage, we can dispose of and replace them correctly.

Thoroughness is vital when it comes to mold remediation. Call SERVPRO of Brandon / North Riverview at (813) 741-3473 to remove all the mold from your apartment building. “Like it never even happened.”

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What Unusual Aspects Crop Up During Fire Damage Restoration in Brandon Properties?

9/11/2020 (Permalink)

Living Room On Fire Restoration of fire damage is rarely a straightforward process.

SERVPRO Crews Have Vast Experience that Helps Us Anticipate Issues that a Brandon Homeowner Might Not Expect

In the aftermath of a fire damage incident in Brandon, you expect to deal with some issues like the accumulation of soot on surfaces, charring, or other forms of material deterioration from the combustion processes. Apart from varying types of damages, you are also bound to anticipate some restoration procedures such as demolition of sections of the house to remove damaged materials. However, during the restoration, other issues that you did not anticipate might develop. SERVPRO helps homeowners handle both the regular and unexpected aspects when restoring fire damage in their Brandon properties.
What processes of fire damage restoration commonly confuse Brandon property owners?
    •    The need to prepare for water damage in the aftermath of fire incidents
    •    The use of heat for restoration or preservation purposes when mitigating fire damage
    •    Damages extending beyond the main areas affected by the fire

Whenever properties are engulfed in flames, the first thought is to douse the flames in water. Even professional firefighters rely mostly on water to put out flames. Therefore, even though the fire is the root of damages at your property, you have to prepare for material deterioration caused by moisture action. Water worsens fire damage or even creates additional damages by:
    •    Causing deep soiling of fabrics and upholstery
    •    Compromising the structural integrity of porous and semi-porous materials
    •    Sparking microbial growth, which can lead to mold formation
    •    Staining materials

The SERVPRO team that responds to your fire incident is made up of different professionals, including IICRC certified water restoration technicians whose expertise can go a long way in managing the effects of moisture in the interior sections of your property. For instance, we understand the need to dry or remove wet materials within the first 24 hours. However, regular drying procedures such as boosting evaporation rates with air movers can spread loose debris all over the premises. Our technicians find better alternatives, such as setting up dehumidifiers in an appropriate location in the house to extract moisture from the air.

How else can we manage water damage at a fire damaged property?
Fast moisture removal is an excellent way to stop or prevent damages at a fire loss site. However, it cannot work against all kinds of moisture damage. For issues like deep, soiling, and staining might even worsen when you dry the affected material. Our SERVPRO technicians identify areas where such problems are likely to develop and take countermeasures. For instance, we lay protective sheets of paper or rugs over carpets in highly trafficked areas to avoid deep soiling as we prepare for other restorative processes.

Why would heat be necessary when restoring fire damage?
It might sound counterintuitive that heat might be used to resolve problems that develop because of a fire. However, heat has many positive aspects that help alleviate damage or fast-track the renovation processes. When cleaning surfaces where smoke residues or other soils accumulate, our technicians use heat to ease the process, minimizing the time or effort needed. Warmth helps speed up chemical reactions or break bonds, thus making cleaning products more effective. Different cleaning products require different temperatures for optimal performance. Our technicians rely on their experience or the instructions provided on product labels to determine the best temperatures for cleaning solutions.

Heat might also be useful in preventing secondary damages. For instance, exposure to moisture or high levels of humidity can cause internal components in electronics to rust, necessitating expensive restoration processes. Our technicians can protect your appliances in the affected areas by ensuring there is enough heat to prevent cooling to the dew point. Since the HVAC system is not likely to be operational, we find other ways to supply heat, including using portable heaters.

Isn't speed mandatory when mitigating the effects of fire loss?
A speedy response helps in many ways when restoring fire damage. For instance, you can stop the effects of corrosive residues like soot from staining stone or metallic surfaces permanently through quick action such as applying an oil film over the surfaces or pre-cleaning them. However, there are times when slowing down is a better approach. A specific example is when cleaning materials using chemical agents. After applying the products, you need to stop other actions giving the products sufficient dwell time to react with the soils or penetrate through the material. The dwell time depends on:
    •    The type of material involved
    •    The level of soiling
    •    The chemical agent used

Giving sufficient time simplifies the cleaning process, thus improving the overall turnaround time. It can also help eliminate the use of aggressive agitation, which can damage the underlying material.

Restoration of fire damage is rarely a straightforward process. Call SERVPRO of Brandon / North Riverview at (813) 741-3473 to help address the situation at your Riverview or Mango home, “Like it never even happened.”

How Do I Deal with a Warped Wall?

8/26/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO drying equipment in water damaged room; damaged drywall cut away Water can cause drywall to warp. Sometimes we need to cut the damaged wall to dry the room and repair the damage.

The Restoration Team at Our SERVPRO Brandon Repairs Your Walls 

Sometimes water damage in Brandon can be a slowly developing issue that you may not even notice right away. 

It can start as a small spot on the wall and gradually spread outward. It can be incredibly deceiving if the damage is not near a water source. With older concrete block homes, it is possible for water from persistent sprinklers pointing toward your house to cause water to leak into your home. 

Should I Remove the Drywall or Attempt to Dry it?

SERVPRO Recommends Removing a Section of the Drywall to Mitigate Further Damage 

During a water restoration project in your Brandon house, it is essential to complete the job thoroughly. You do not want to dry the wall and have underlying moisture lurking behind it, potentially causing long-term issues. It is vital to remove around the impacted area in what is known as a flood cut. Technicians cut at the 24 or 48-inch place on the wall to make an easier installation of panels that typically come in 48x96 inches. 

Besides Removing the Drywall, What Do We Need to Do Before Replacement?

  • Remove the insulation from the impacted area.
  • Dry the cavity using air moving equipment and hoses that direct air into the exposed cavity.
  • Remove excess moisture in the room through the use of a dehumidifier, speeding up the drying process.
  • Spray an EPA-registered broad-spectrum disinfectant into the hole to limit microbial growth before re-insulating and replacing the drywall. 

Even though a small water-damage spot on your wall can seem like no big deal, if left unattended, you can face long-term damage that is more challenging with which to deal. Time is of the essence. For 24/7 assistance following water damage, contact SERVPRO of Brandon / North Riverview at (813) 741-3473. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster. 

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How Can I Prevent Storm and Flood Damage in My Riverview home?

8/23/2020 (Permalink)

flooded laundry room in home Flood damage is hard to deal with because of how much it affects your home. Contact SERVPRO for professional mitigation and remediation services.

When Storm Prevention in Riverview Fails, SERVPRO Has the Tools and Manpower to Handle Your Flood Damage Cleanup Needs

Flooding brings on the potential for severe damage to your Riverview Home, so it is best to have certain safeguards in place to limit the loss. When you have unavoidable damage to your property, SERVPRO can be there within hours to begin the cleanup process. Our crews work diligently to take away the stress and worry, while also ensuring to mitigate water infiltration in areas of impact.

Even when you are not in the direct path of a major storm or flooding, you could still suffer from flood damage in Riverview. Specific preventative measures may protect your home so that you will not have a costly cleanup bill or the need for extensive repair or replacement of building materials.

Pre-Storm/Flood Checklist

  • Move any outdoor furniture inside or under safe cover
  • Protect potential areas of water entry with sandbags or other flood protection materials
  • Apply sealants or coatings to your doorways, foundation walls, and windows
  • Make sure downspouts get pointed away from your home

Post-Flood Checklist

  • Ensure that all people and pets within the home are safe and free from hazards such as slip and fall or electrical dangers
  • Contact SERVPRO so that we can get a team out to your property to begin flood damage assessment
  • Take pictures detailing any damage and contact your homeowner’s insurance provider

SERVPRO develops a plan to safely and efficiently extract floodwater from your interior, ensuring that any hidden moisture and points of migration get addressed. We provide pack-out and off-site cleaning services to handle any items within the loss zone. High-tech moisture detection tools help us locate hidden moisture pockets so that we can target our drying and dehumidification equipment to the appropriate places.

Flood damage is no match for us at SERVPRO of Brandon/North Riverview. Call (813) 741-3473 to have a crew directed to your property should you get hit with excess water from a storm.

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Can Water Damage Repair Professionals Restore My Mango Home’s Hardwood Floors?

8/14/2020 (Permalink)

Water damaged hardwood floors Don't let water take over your home. Let the professionals at SERVPRO help restore your water damaged home back to its original state.

No Homeowner Wants to Lose Beautiful Hardwood Floors to Water Damage -- Repair Strategies Are Successful When SERVPRO Is on the Job in Mango.

A water incursion can happen for a vast number of reasons: overflowing sinks, broken plumbing, clogged condensation drains in AC units, the rain blowing through open doors or windows, malfunctioning appliances, and more. You hope all that is needed in your Mango home is a mop-up and maybe a visit from the plumber, and all will be good again. Why do you believe you dodged a more significant disaster? The water covering your floor seems to be gone, so you were the lucky one, right?

Where Does the Water Go After Flowing Across My Hardwood Floors?

You are not alone in your hope that water damage repair to your Mango home is unnecessary. One of the most insidious and unexpected characteristics of water damage is its ability to hide from visual inspections, even by experts. A frequent place where water uses its disappearing ability is on -- and in -- hardwood floors. 

Why Are Hardwood Floors Susceptible to Significant Water Damage?

The basic construction of a hardwood floor, seen in a cross-section, illuminates the pathways of water migration well. Several layers make up the floor, and the water has little trouble percolating down through them. Older floors, treasured for their burnished patina, were usually constructed quite simply:

  • Floor joists supporting the upper building materials
  • Subfloor, usually made of a plywood-type material, and unfinished, one layer up from the joists 
  • Strips and planks of hardwood installed top-side often finished with stains and sealants on the visible side, but unfinished on the edges and bottom 

Newer hardwood floors might have additional layers added for resilience, creating a softer feel when walking. The water is still able to seep down between the edges and the joints between sections to reach porous materials below.

Does the Water Dry Out in the Under Layers?

SERVPRO crews often find homeowners mystified as to the reasons for their hardwood floors damage. After a spill or flooding, you cannot assume that water simply drains away or dries out quickly wherever it lands. 

Where Does Water Hide and How Does the Hidden Water Hurt Your Hardwood Floor?

Do not be caught in this situation, as your seemingly dry floor will begin to show “signature” hardwood damage patterns. The unfinished wood products under the hardwood layer absorb the water readily and need some professional assistance in facilitating evaporation. As they absorb the water, they swell, putting pressure on the upper hardwood flooring. Even more importantly, they provide a ready source of moisture that the unfinished bottoms and edges of the strips and planks wick up. This moisture causes the hardwood to distort or warp as well, creating the following commonly seen damage:

  • Cupping -- the edges of each piece of hardwood push up, resulting in the center of each plank or strip looking as though it is the bottom of a “cup” in cross-section
  • Crowning -- the center of each plank or strip swells, (sometimes later because of over-drying)
  • Buckling -- the damage is severe enough to force the hardwood to disengage from the subfloor and to curve away at joints

What Can Be Done to Save Hardwood Floors When the Underlying Layers Are Wet?

One crucial point is to call on professionals immediately, even if you cannot see the damage. Our technicians use various moisture detection and metering devices to locate and evaluate the severity of water absorption in the substrate of your floor. Then we act quickly to dry all layers to average moisture levels for your region and in unaffected areas of your home. When we determine where the moisture is trapped, we consider from among the following interventions:

  • Reducing the relative humidity to 30% to 45%
  • Positioning air movers to direct air floor both under and over the hardwood
  • Use floor mats (flat plastic that seals to the floor and attaches to hoses connected to extractors) to pull moisture through several layers
  • Adjust room temperature to increase evaporation
  • Floor finishes acting as vapor barrier might be removed or perforated with a pin roller
  • If accessible, dry the floor from the story beneath -- remove ceiling tiles for better flow

When water damage threatens to ruin your home’s floors, SERVPRO of Brandon / North Riverview is there for you with research-based solutions. Reduce the stress and worry of water loss with a call to (813) 741-3473 -- We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.

Post-Fire Safety Precautions In Brandon – What Do I Need To Know?

7/26/2020 (Permalink)

fire damaged home Fires can be devastating and turn your life upside down.

Safety is the First Concern SERVPRO Deals with When It Comes to Fire Restoration and Cleanup in Brandon

If a fire should strike your home in Brandon, you may not even be able to think clearly. Understanding what can happen and knowing what to do to make sure your family is safe is crucial.

My Home Looks OK – Can I Still Enter?

Many times, fires get contained quickly, and the damage seems minimal. Your first thought may be to go inside the home. Your natural instinct would be to see what has been damaged and if the house is livable. The reality is fire damage can be unseen. You can see what the fire and smoke have done to the items in your home. What you can’t see s things like carbon monoxide or structural damage. A fire damage restoration company in Brandon will ensure your home is safe before you enter.

Dealing with the Invisible

Carbon monoxide is a problem even after extinguishing the fire. This silent killer is not something you want to mess around with. Structural components may be compromised, but it will look just fine to you. Our professional crews know what to look for to ensure the safety of the structure. You do not want to put your family in danger should the building collapse. Other things that can be a concern are:

    •    Smoke and soot particles – these can cause lung damage
    •    Hot spots
    •    Flooding from fire hoses
    •    Chemicals from the sprays the firemen use to put out the fire

Fires can be devastating and turn your life upside down. SERVPRO is committed to your family’s safety. Contact SERVPRO of Brandon / North Riverview at (813) 741-3473 to help with any fire damage restoration needs.

What Approaches Work Best for Mold Remediation?

7/14/2020 (Permalink)

"Mold" Mold easily grows in Brandon. Call SERVPRO at the first sign of mold damage. No matter when you make the call, we have technicians who can assist you.

Removing mold colonies from your Brandon home requires sophisticated tools and experienced professionals like the remediators of our SERVPRO team. 

Mold remediation differs from broader claims of mold removal from other companies working in the Brandon area. It is impractical and would be incredibly costly to attempt to remove all the mold spores naturally occurring microscopically in every environment. Therefore, we work to remove colonies and active organisms moving through the property and what can lead to health hazards for those exposed. Remediation requires several advanced tools and technologies and can include many of our technicians, both the water restorers (WRT) and microbial remediation technicians (AMRT.)

Between the practices necessary to remove active colonization and the equipment for mold remediation in Brandon homes, our technicians are among the most educated and well-trained. We encourage continued growth and development in restoration niches to provide a continued, confident response for any emergencies we experience in the future. From the time we are first notified of a loss situation, there is a finite timeline to protect and preserve exposed material before too much damage has taken place.

How Do You Know Mold Damage Exists? 

As detrimental and challenging as mold losses can be, there are still many situations in which you might not know for sure that you have this emergency happening at all. If you suspect that you have mold growth, you can call on our SERVPRO team for a thorough inspection of the property to know for certain. If you would like to work to identify possible threatening situations on your own, there are a few red flags that you are looking for when colonies begin to develop and spread:

  • Odor – Even if you cannot see the mold colonization, there is a good chance that you can notice something amiss by the smell. Active colonies emit a harsh, musty odor that you are unlikely to encounter otherwise.
  • Visible Colonization – Spotting or even more blatant damage can be a reliable indicator that mold obviously exists, but the problem can be worse than the surface layers you can see.
  • Damp Areas – Persistent moisture and dampness might not alone indicate that mold colonization has occurred. However, a moisture pocket that lasts for days can often be enough to facilitate the colonization of spores in the environment.

How Can Our Team Dry Damaged Areas? 

Ultimately, one of the primary objectives of our responding technicians is to dry out the damaged areas. The removal of moisture can rob active colonies of their source of food and conditions necessary to spread and thrive. Essentially, the organism starves out. Drying damp areas of the house can be more challenging than it might initially appear, precisely because so many areas could now be affected by this persistent wetness. We can utilize many tools in our recovery inventory to address the threatening moisture conditions in the affected areas. Some of the essential tools for drying out the structure and regaining control of a house's mold-ridden area are:

Can SERVPRO Address Harsh Musty Odors? 

As you now know from your preliminary inspection of the property, mold gives off a strong, musty odor that must get addressed as soon as possible. As much as colonies can spread, the strong scent of this organism can affect more than just the environment where the organism gets found. Multiple deodorization tools can neutralize odors and eliminate even trapped noxious smells in textiles, fabrics, and building materials. Some of these options include:

  • Thermal Fogger
  • Ozone Machine
  • Hydroxyl Generator
  • Air Scrubber

How Can Colonies Get Removed? 

The remediation of active colonization requires trained professionals addressing various areas of your home on a case-by-case basis. There are multiple strategies for removing colonies present on the property. The choice among these varies based on the severity of the damage, the material affected, and even the environmental conditions that could impact successes. In most houses, multiple strategies get used on the same remediation job because of how much damage can change from one area to another. Some of the commonly used procedures include:

  • Soda Blasting
  • Sanding
  • Antimicrobial Wipe Cleaning
  • Controlled Demolition

Microbial colony removal can be challenging without the right tools, equipment, and trained personnel. With accreditation through the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC), our SERVPRO of Brandon / North Riverview team stays prepared for mold threats and water loss recovery as necessary. Give our experienced team a call today at (813) 741-3473.