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Our Experts Explain How To Prevent Water Damage In Your Brandon Bathroom

1/21/2022 (Permalink)

equipment in bathroom When you need assistance with water damage, SERVPRO is ready to help. Just call (813) 741-3473.

Inspecting Your Bathroom In Your Brandon Home To Prevent Water Damage

The bathroom in your Brandon home is undoubtedly used frequently, making it very vulnerable to the accumulation of moisture and potential water damage. If you inspect it regularly, you can lower your chance of water-related accidents.

If your bathroom has become a victim of any water damage in your Brandon home, recruiting the assistance of a professional remediation company is a wise idea. At SERVPRO, our staff knows how to clean up water damage of any kind and do it promptly so we can prevent additional damage.

Your bathtub and shower need special attention and maintenance. Any cracked tiles need to be replaced, and make sure there is no missing caulking where the walls meet the floor or bathtub. Clogged drains and problems with your pipes prevent the tub from dying and can indicate a severe problem underneath the tub. If SERVPRO techs find any issues in this area, we check to see if there is structural damage, besides finding the issue causing the water damage. Any damaged subflooring or drywall may need to be replaced if the damage is too severe.

Plumbing problems are more difficult to detect because most pipes are installed inside your walls. Pay particular attention to walls and flooring for moisture and stains since they can indicate a plumbing problem that is unseen. We can use moisture meters to find any hidden moisture if nothing is evident to see the problem causing the damage.

Cabinets and sinks are daily exposed to moisture and humidity but can be overlooked. Regularly inspect under your sink and the countertop above it. Slow draining pipes can indicate a blockage in the drain. Any sink seals that are loose or cracked need to be replaced.

The toilet is a vulnerable water junction. Look for leaks at the water lines, around the toilet seat, under the water tank, and in the hose. If you find any signs of moisture on the floor, look for leaks in the tank seals and toilet rim. Toilet leaks or overflows from clogs can create massive water damage, even affecting the room underneath if it is an upstairs bathroom. If needed, we can get rid of any standing water from an overflow and dry any structural components which have been affected.

Inspecting your bathroom in Riverview, Brandon, or Mango regularly is essential to keep water emergencies from occurring. Still, SERVPRO of Brandon / North Riverview is always standing by if you need our assistance. Call us right away at (813) 741-3473 if you have a problem so we can get your home dry and safe again.

Which Firm Can Perform Mold Remediation in Brandon Homes?

1/10/2022 (Permalink)

mold on wall Let SERVPRO help make your mold damage "Like it never even happened."

Allow SERVPRO to Perform Mold Remediation in Your Brandon Property

Mold is an undesirable and dangerous biological entity that can reproduce. You may notice it as an unattractive stain on your floors, walls, or ceiling. It is a living colony that feeds off dead organic substances on building materials. When spores are allowed to remain unrepaired, they can spread to other surfaces.

At SERVPRO, we understand the need to act fast and the actions to follow when undertaking mold remediation in Brandon homes. We deal with mold using cutting-edge procedures and unique but approved products. Mold has multiple life cycles, which includes:

  • Hyphae grow from threadlike cells that feed on organic matter and ultimately produce visible mold.
  • Formation of spores: Spores are produced at the tips of hyphae.
  • Spore dispersal: When completely mature, spores start to move to new locations to resume the life cycle.
  • Spore germination: Species germination occurs when transported to a new location under similar conditions, causing the problem to repeat.

Cleaning mold patches with water and bleach is not enough because this can only remove the visible mold, not the spores. Our SERVPRO team can remediate the mold contamination by physically removing the mold-damaged materials, vacuuming excessive mold spores into HEPA filters, and using detergent cleaning products to damp-wipe affected surfaces.

Our SERVPRO team also takes steps to rectify the moisture issue. This is vital for dealing with mold, and it involves stopping the moisture source which initially contributed to mold development. Drying the structure is also crucial when dealing with mold infestation. Our SERVPRO technicians can dry the affected structures and contents to their typical moisture content levels using dehumidifiers that do not have much airflow. Dehumidifiers work by removing water vapor from the air. Minimizing the amount of water vapor in the air lowers the humidity ratio. A lower humidity ratio increases the evaporation rate of moisture in a home and its contents. As moisture evaporates, the dehumidifiers continue removing it from the air until the structures and contents are dry.

Mold may cause health issues to your family. Contact SERVPRO of Brandon / North Riverview at (813) 741-3473 for thorough mold remediation. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.

How Can Homeowners Perform Fire Damage Restoration in Mango?

12/31/2021 (Permalink)

a fire damaged room with soot covering everything Dealing with remaining soot and smoke damage after a fire can be quite overwhelming. Contact SERVPRO right away to tackle the fire damage in your home

They Should Hire Professional Restorers Like SERVPRO to Perform Fire Damage Repair in Mango

A fire can cause significant destruction to your home. After a fire, you have to eliminate wreckage, and debris before you perform any repairs. You also need to remove water and dry your home if firefighting efforts led to water damage. SERVPRO can evaluate the after effects of a fire in your property to determine the degree of damage the fire caused and which mitigation and removal methods can work best for your situation.

Evaluating the affected areas is a fundamental aspect of fire damage restoration in your Mango residence. Our staff is outfitted with specialized equipment for assessing the damage. For instance, if there is water damage, we can use thermal imaging cameras to see how the water travelled. We also look out for smoke residues. Our SERVPRO technicians begin the inspection close to the source of the fire and trace how far the smoke travelled through the structure.

When dealing with smoke damage, it is critical to remove the residues appropriately. Smoke also causes odors. If firefighters used water to extinguish the flames, this can make the smoke cleanup process more daunting because the increased humidity may have opened the pores of wood inside your home. Smoke and residues may enter into the open pores. 

Odors are volatile (evaporative) molecules which the nose senses in the air. Since odors are evaporative, they eventually dissipate after restorers remove their source. We do not merely cover up the lingering odors. Our SERVPRO Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration Technicians (FSRT) can remove them using equipment and products like:

  • Air scrubbers
  • Thermal foggers
  • Odor counteracting gels
  • Deodorant pellets or granules 

We accelerate the odor removal process to minimize your inconvenience with the smells. At SERVPRO, we provide comprehensive fire cleanup and restoration services, which include rebuilding the affected materials. After completing the restoration process, we perform a final walk-through to ensure your satisfaction.

When dealing with fire damage, call SERVPRO of Brandon / North Riverview at (813) 741-3473. We have the expertise to make the fire damage seem “Like it never even happened.”

How to Deal With Storm Flood Damage in Riverview

12/24/2021 (Permalink)

A flooded living room with items floating everywhere Facing flooding after a storm? Team SERVPRO can help with water removal and flood damage remediation services. Contact us immediately.

Property Owners Should Hire an Experienced Firm Like SERVPRO to Handle Flood Damage in their Riverview Home

When your home requires restoration after a storm, you need to take several steps to restore it to its preloss state. A storm and the associated flooding can affect your home immensely, and you need to hire a restoration firm like SERVPRO. We are a respected flood restoration firm with the equipment and workforce to bring things back to normal.

We know how to save homes affected by storm flood damage in Riverview. Floodwater can ruin carpets, walls, fabric, and wood. It can also cause bacterial contamination. Having the situation fixed as quickly as possible is essential. SERVPRO can assist you in restoring your residence by doing the following:

  • Inspection
  • Removing debris
  • Water removal
  • Drying


We can visually inspect the affected structures and contents and use non-penetrating moisture meters to find the moisture content of materials. These devices allow our technicians to determine if a structure is dry. They have sensors that produce readings when placed on a material’s surface.

Debris removal

This involves removing items that the storm and floodwater might have brought into your home, like sand, stones, leaves, and branches.

Water removal 

Our SERVPRO water restoration technicians (WRT) can use portable pumps to extract water from your flooded home. Removing water physically is 1200 times more efficient than dehumidification. We spend enough time extracting the water.


Our SERVPRO technicians can use various ventilating or drying systems to direct airflow into wall cavities, to replace moist air with dry air. Some of the systems we use have vents that our technicians attach to air movers. Our technicians can direct air under cabinets, wall cavities, and other structural cavities by drilling small holes in the toe kicks under cabinets or walls and attaching the right drying system. We can also dry your home using specialty drying equipment designed to dry cavities.

In the event of storm flood damage, call SERVPRO of Brandon / North Riverview at (813) 741-3473 for help. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.

How to Perform Commercial Water Removal in Brandon

12/19/2021 (Permalink)

a water damaged ceiling with watermarks on it Mitigating water damage needs to happen right away after an event. Team SERVPRO can help so that the situation does not escalate to additional damage.

Hiring a Company Like SERVPRO is the Right Way to Perform commercial Water Repair in Brandon

Commercial buildings such as apartment buildings are always at risk of water damage for different reasons like appliance malfunctions, and broken pipes. Water can leak into floors, ceilings, walls and furnishings, among other areas. When this happens, you need the services of a water restoration company with expertise in removing water from commercial properties. SERVPRO has the resources to return your apartment building to its normal state.

We offer 24-hour emergency commercial water removal services in Brandon. Immediate water restoration is vital for preventing significant problems down the road. If you fail to deal with water damage of any magnitude, it can cause issues in your commercial property such as:

  • Mold infestation
  • Unpleasant odors
  • Warping of wooden structures
  • Damage to carpets and upholstery
  • Rotting of structural timber

Water might also have a safety impact on affected apartment units if it gets into electrical fittings. You may have units that tenants do not want to occupy because of unpleasant smells or mold growth, and this can affect your revenue. SERVPRO’s commercial water repair services include:

Assessing water damage

Our water restoration technicians can visually insect the affected area to determine the cause of the leak. It is essential to tackle the leak before removing the water. We can use thermal hygrometers to locate moisture within your home. This equipment measures both relative humidity and temperature. Some thermo-hygrometers also measure the dew point.

Water extraction

Water causes more damage the longer it remains on affected surfaces. Our SERVPRO water restoration technicians (WRT) can use extraction equipment like light wands and wet/dry vacuums to extract the water.


SERVPRO uses professional grade equipment to dry the areas that water damage has affected. The goal for drying buildings is to return materials to their normal content levels. We can use various ventilating or drying systems to direct airflow into wall cavities, and replace moist air with dry air.

If your commercial property has sustained water damage, call SERVPRO of Brandon / North Riverview (813) 741-3473 for water extraction services. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.

Post-Fire Safety Precautions In Brandon – What Do I Need To Know?

11/25/2021 (Permalink)

Fire Illustration You need a team you can trust after a fire strikes in your home. Call SERVPRO right away.

Why Safety is the First Concern SERVPRO Deals with When It Comes to Fire Restoration and Cleanup in Brandon

If a fire should strike your home in Brandon, you may not even be able to think clearly. Understanding what can happen and knowing what to do to make sure your family is safe is crucial.

My Home Looks OK – Can I Still Enter?

Many times, fires get contained quickly, and the damage seems minimal. Your first thought may be to go inside the home. Your natural instinct would be to see what has been damaged and if the house is livable. The reality is fire damage can be unseen. You can see what the fire and smoke have done to the items in your home. What you can’t see is things like carbon monoxide or structural damage. A fire damage restoration company in Brandon will ensure your home is safe before you enter.

Dealing with the Invisible

Carbon monoxide is a problem even after extinguishing the fire. This silent killer is not something you want to mess around with. Structural components may be compromised, but it will look just fine to you. Our professional crews know what to look for to ensure the safety of the structure. You do not want to put your family in danger should the building collapse. Other things that can be a concern are:

  • Smoke and soot particles can cause health effects
  • Hot spots
  • Flooding from fire hoses
  • Chemicals from the sprays the firemen use to put out the fire

Fires can be devastating and turn your life upside down. SERVPRO is committed to your family’s safety. Contact SERVPRO of Brandon / North Riverview at (813) 741-3473 to help with any fire damage restoration needs.

Can The Carpet In My Office in Brandon Be Salvaged?

11/19/2021 (Permalink)

Carpet cleaning SERVPRO understands how serious water can damage the carpeting as well as other surfaces on your property, Call us for assistance with water removal.

SERVPRO Can Help You Assess The Damage and Make the Right Decision

Whenever your commercial Brandon office space needs water removal, our SERVPRO technicians are here to help. We are on call 24/7 to respond swiftly to your emergency and help us minimize your damages. Like you, we understand that every minute you remain closed represents issues in revenue.

Why Do I Need to Call a Professional Team to Extract The Water?  

Using a wet-dry vacuum and humidifiers will certainly help you evaporate water damage in your Brandon office, but it may not be enough. As professionals in the industry at SERVPRO, we have at our fingertips several tools that help us measure moisture levels and take action to restore them back to normal. Failure to extract all water can leave you with a suitable environment for bacteria, such as mold, to reproduce. Tackling the problem in a timely manner helps prevent future complications.  

What Are My Options to Save My Carpet?

The situation and our observations will help determine what happens to your carpet. In some instances, we can dry it in place as long as it has not been wet for more than 72 hours. Some advantages of this technique include the following:

-Less disruption to the flow of your business

-Less damage to the carpet

-Furniture may be able to stay in place

Alternatively, our SERVPRO crew can have a frank conversation and recommend the full removal of the carpet, if the damage is too far gone. When this happens, we work within local guidelines and ordinances to dispose of the carpet as recommended.

When our SERVPRO of Brandon/ North Riverview is at your side, we can discuss the benefits of each of the options available to you. Call us at (813) 741-3473 as soon as you discover the issue, and let us go to work for you. Together, we can leave your office, "Like it never even happened."

What Is the Likelihood of Fixing a Brandon House After Flood Damage?

11/10/2021 (Permalink)

Boots in flood water If you are faced with flood damage, call on our experts for help. We are available to assist you 24/7.

SERVPRO Provides the Skills, Equipment, and Other Resources Needed to Ease the Restoration

The chance of your home being totaled by a flooding incident is high. Even if the structure is left standing, the interior may sustain massive damages. Whether you manage to restore your Brandon home to its preloss condition depends on the resources you commit to the process.

Involving a professional is one way to eliminate guesswork when restoring flood damage at your Brandon home. SERVPRO helps evaluate the immediate and long-term effects from water intrusion, build-up of contaminants, and any changes to the structural supports. 

Evaluating Flood Damage Requires Advanced Equipment, Including:

  • Various moisture evaluation equipment like thermal cameras and thermos-hygrometers
  • Contact and non-contact electric circuit checkers
  • Contamination testers such as luminometers

The evaluation is only useful if there are sufficient resources to fix the identified issues. SERVPRO sends IICRC certified technicians to help fix the damages. Our crews can counter moisture effects by fast-tracking water extraction and humidity management. 

The Most Valuable Equipment for Moisture Management Include:

  • Specialized pumps such as truck-mounted and trash pumps for faster extraction
  • Desiccant and LGR dehumidifiers for humidity control
  • Centrifugal and axial air movers for faster drying of materials

Apart from handling moisture, cleaning all the affected areas in your home is essential to remove soils, contamination, and odors. Cleaning requires equipment and chemical agents. Our SERVPRO crews use various cleaning agents, including biocides and detergents, for cleaning. We also use devices such as pressure washers and rotary equipment to facilitate cleaning. 

SERVPRO of Brandon / North Riverview provides comprehensive flood damage solutions, including structural material replacement and refinishing. Call us at (813) 741-3473 to help you deal with flooding, “Like it never even happened.”

What Are My Options for Fast Mitigation of Home Flood Damage?

10/29/2021 (Permalink)

a puddle of water on wood flooring in a living room When flooding happens, you need to react quickly. Contact SERVPRO to assess and formulate a flood damage remediation plan today.

SERVPRO Technicians Can Remove Flood Damage from Brandon Homes 24/7

Flooding can bring with it much more than just massive amounts of water. The waste, pests, silt deposits, chemical runoff, and other concerns can affect your home's safety and air quality. Fortunately, there is a professional team that is ready to mitigate the damage. 

If your Brandon home has endured flood damage, SERVPRO techs can remove water, sanitize your home, and dry both the structure and your belongings. SERVPRO teams coordinate with property owners and insurance adjusters to assist in the claims filing process while providing restoration compliant with your insurance policy. 

Insulation Solutions for Your Home 

  • Spray foam insulation - Spray foam insulation is useful for reducing heating and cooling costs, and it is also highly resistant to water. Use spray foam in areas particularly vulnerable to leaks and flooding.
  • Create interior wall gaps - Adding a gap in the wall cavity limits moisture wicking up your insulation and reduces replacement costs.
  • Consider fiberglass batts - Fiberglass insulation is not only nonporous, but it is easily removable in the event of a flood. 

SERVPRO Saves Flood-Damaged Walls 

After extracting any immediately present floodwaters in your home, SERVPRO technicians can focus on mitigating further damage to structural materials from moisture. One method used for preserving wall cavities is the use of flood cuts made several inches above the highest point of moisture absorption. We remove baseboards and drywall below the cut so that IICRC-certified technicians can remove insulation, as flood damage can compromise sanitary conditions in your home as well as affect your insulation's R-value. 

SERVPRO of Brandon / North Riverview is proud to serve the community with a cleanup that is Faster to Any Size Disaster. Call (813) 741-3473 to have an emergency response team at your home within hours.

What Approaches Work Best for Mold Remediation?

10/22/2021 (Permalink)

a man discovering mold growing underneath his cabinets Mold infestations spread rather quickly. Take heed and contact SERVPRO right away before the situation escalates. Our team is standing by 24/7.

Removing mold colonies from your Brandon home requires sophisticated tools and experienced professionals like the remediators of our SERVPRO team.

Mold remediation differs from broader claims of mold removal from other companies working in the Brandon area. It is impractical and would be incredibly costly to attempt to remove all the mold spores naturally occurring microscopically in every environment. Therefore, we work to remove colonies and active organisms moving through the property and what can lead to health hazards for those exposed. Remediation requires several advanced tools and technologies and can include many of our technicians, both the water restorers (WRT) and microbial remediation technicians (AMRT.)

Between the practices necessary to remove active colonization and the equipment for mold remediation in Brandon homes, our technicians are among the most educated and well-trained. We encourage continued growth and development in restoration niches to provide a continued, confident response for any emergencies we experience in the future. From the time we are first notified of a loss situation, there is a finite timeline to protect and preserve exposed material before too much damage has taken place.

How Do You Know Mold Damage Exists? 

As detrimental and challenging as mold damage can be, there are still many situations in which you might not know for sure that you have this emergency happening at all. If you suspect that you have mold growth, you can call on our SERVPRO team for a thorough inspection of the property to know for certain. If you would like to work to identify possible threatening situations on your own, there are a few red flags that you are looking for when colonies begin to develop and spread:

  • Odor – Even if you cannot see the mold colonization, there is a good chance that you can notice something amiss by the smell. Active colonies emit a harsh, musty odor that you are unlikely to encounter otherwise.
  • Visible Colonization – Spotting or even more blatant damage can be a reliable indicator that mold obviously exists, but the problem can be worse than the surface layers you can see.
  • Damp Areas – Persistent moisture and dampness might not alone indicate that mold colonization has occurred. However, a moisture pocket that lasts for days can often be enough to facilitate the colonization of spores in the environment.

How Can Our Team Dry Damaged Areas? 

Ultimately, one of the primary objectives of our responding technicians is to dry out the damaged areas. The removal of moisture can rob active colonies of their source of food and conditions necessary to spread and thrive. Essentially, the organism starves out. Drying damp areas of the house can be more challenging than it might initially appear, precisely because so many areas could now be affected by this persistent wetness. We can utilize many tools in our recovery inventory to address the threatening moisture conditions in the affected areas. Some of the essential tools for drying out the structure and regaining control of a house's mold-ridden area are:

  • Air Movers
  • Dehumidifiers
  • Electric Heaters
  • Injecti-Dry System

Can SERVPRO Address Harsh Musty Odors? 

As you now know from your preliminary inspection of the property, mold gives off a strong, musty odor that must get addressed as soon as possible. As much as colonies can spread, the strong scent of this organism can affect more than just the environment where the organism gets found. Multiple deodorization tools can neutralize odors and eliminate even trapped noxious smells in textiles, fabrics, and building materials. Some of these options include:

  • Thermal Fogger
  • Ozone Machine
  • Hydroxyl Generator
  • Air Scrubber

How Can Colonies Get Removed? 

The remediation of active colonization requires trained professionals addressing various areas of your home on a case-by-case basis. There are multiple strategies for removing colonies present on the property. The choice among these varies based on the severity of the damage, the material affected, and even the environmental conditions that could impact success. In most houses, multiple strategies get used on the same remediation job because of how much damage can change from one area to another. Some of the commonly used procedures include:

  • Soda Blasting
  • Sanding
  • Antimicrobial Wipe Cleaning
  • Controlled Demolition

Microbial colony removal can be challenging without the right tools, equipment, and trained personnel. With accreditation through the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC), our SERVPRO of Brandon / North Riverview team stays prepared for mold threats and water loss recovery as necessary. Give our experienced team a call today at (813) 741-3473.